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Christmas Lights in Kildare


So, which houses in Kildare have the best Christmas decorations this year… Well, here are some of your texts..!



Marcella Mackeys hse in Millview est,Milltown is fab the lights on the roof on the walls even in her garden the children wd love fab photo.M


U should come and c house in 39 beech grove rathangan co Kildare.


Hi stephen my husband michael goes a bit mad every chrismas with lites around our house id love 4 u 2 have a look at it . We live just past langton park on the green rd newbridge. U r very welcome 2 take a foto he wld b dlited thx gina craddock


Lights. Lights and more lights at 3 lower josephs terrace Athy. I sure its visibale from space, pat


Steve you should see the christmas lights in the garden on the main kilcullen carlow road opposite the turn off for halverstown school !


House in Roseberry, newbridge. Love the show


Paddy Price's house Main street, Prosperous, beside Christy's Pub. He lets all the kids have a look around the Crib and the other decorations and lights. Ken


Great show Stephen. Check out a house in Milltown. Sean


Emmett Kavanagh house is lit up like a star in the sky he lives in pairc muire newbridge god help his electricity bill


Stev. Paddy campbells house in roseberry in newbridge the coolist loads of parents bring there kids 2 c the garden. Great show.


Amazin set up of x-mas lights.. Seamus nd eileen o sullivan's house in ballysax the curragh co.kildare


There is a lovely house in kilmeague that has blue ice lights on it. It's very nice


Theres a house on main street, Prosperous. I will try to send u a photo Stephen. Hope ur arm is ok from the chimney.


Go to athy mick devereux in athy lovely.


A house on the bush road from farralls cross to the bush


U shud go c a boat on canal in sallins, its lovely. Claire


Stephen you should go to Roseberry in Newbridge


House accross from dowlings in prosperous .lovley lights


There's a house out in woodland's Rathangan near Ballydermot that's decorated lovely.


Cassidys house in calverstown, best lights ever


3 houses in lacken view just in front of the school. Gone a bit mad


House in Calverstown is crazy. Luv the show Stephen


Straffan has the best comin home xmas feel as ur heading down baberstown road you can see a hoily tree covered in lights ,i knw its na a house but you have to see it ,to feel it


Hi stephen there is a house in an estate in kildare with christmas lights i think its the best one i have ever seen its near the curragh planes


Christmas house jigginstown newbridge rd naas

Which TV Show Would You Like Back?

Bring back buffy the vampire slayer, class programme, Celine

Hi Stephen. The Man from Atlantis with Patrick Duffy

Would love to see little house on the prairie again molly

Sesame Street should be brought back as it is a good educational programme for children my son learned the alphebeth from watching Sesame Street before starting school in the 70s Mary O Brien

Little house on praire bernie fox

Miami Vice

Bring back Magnum P.I. from Tony

Hi Stephen. Got to be, Little House on the Prairie. Ruth


They should re-make the A-Team. Jim

Dad's army: classic gold-MICHAEL,MAYNOOTH

Bullseye - 180, Niall

Well holy God Stephen, how about Glenroe

Dallas teresa

Glenroe, Sunday at 8.30. Bring it back, Tom

Worzel gummidge

40 coats

Emu's world

Bracken. From Eddie

Would have to be the beechcomers and the fall guy they were great programs

Hi Stephen. Bring back The Waltons, a true classic

Bring back auf wiedersehen pet

The Lyrics Board was brill. Liz

Bring back Wizzard

Remember Alf stephen

How about Green Acres Stephen


Highway 2 heaven

Bring back the Riordans from Neville Hendy from ballytore

The waltons is bk on one of the stations on sunday mornings around 8. Liz in Straffan

Hi Steve. Play your cards right. Higher, lower, higher, from Paddy

Bring bak Arnold Sniffle and Babe Watch Da Bird kiltegan

Hey Stevo. Strike it lucky with Michael Barrymore, Jack, Newbridge

Hi stephen, jim ll fix it, generation game and noel house party.

My friend misses Dallas and sunset beach! Ha ha, the show is great!

Another one is my so called life, it got one series despite it being really popular! Wonder what happened to angela and jordon, my 14 yr old self is still dying to know :) Celine

Hi Stephen. Being back 321, remember Dusty. Love the show.

Prisoner cell block h. Karen n/bridge

Glenroe, sundays have never been the same since. Mark brady naas.

Rich man poorman from pat

The English tv show- This Is Your Life

Id bring back big break the snooker show

Quicksilver, stop the lights Stephen

Some mothers do ave em


How about Upwardly Mobile Stephen

Generation Game

I love lucy, Greg

Wanderley Wagon

I used to love Mark and Mindy. Sinead

Stephen What about the Housewife Of The Year Show on Rte, John.

The Thorn Birds

Hi Stephen. Could you get them to bring back Hawaii Five-O. Loved it. Paddy

Party Of Five on a Sunday evening, Betty

Morning Stephen. They should remake Lassie

X Factor

On the first day of the new show I wanted to find out who you guys thought would win the X Factor. I reckon the young Irish chap, Eoghan Quigg has a good chance; he has a fantastic voice and is very likeable.

Here’s a selection of your texts on the subject…


Alexandra wit out a doubt Jo

Welcome back 2 ur old slot Stephen. I think Rachel will win X Factor. Helen     

Austin will win. Jane in Newbridge                        

Eoghan will win x factor.viv.                     

Alexandra is brilliant. Liz, Naas

Good looking Spanish bird. Colin

Hi Stephen. Great to have you back. I love Scott.

Eoghan will win the x factor.....

Hopefully the irish lad will win x factor. Neill    

I think jls will win from ross                      

Owen. michelle kennedy clane.

Laura emer kelly newcastle co dublin.                 

Steven id love 2 c either rachel or austin winnin as 4 d groups i dont think day have a chance...keep up d good work from georgina in kildare         

I agree with u Stephen. Eoghan to win  

Jls 2 win

Laura has the best voice. Sharon

Alexandra to win this year. . . Tina Oc newbridge                            

Xfactor winner will be alexandria. Linda condon. Donadea naas              

Alexandra has won already she is brill alan mc                

J l s 2win caroline daly Sallins

Girl from Spain. Jim, Sallins                      

Stephen I think Daniel is going to go very close to winning because when u see who didnt get through he is there partially on a sympathy vote. I thought Amy was better than him.                           

Morning Stephen, welcome back.           

Got to be Alexandra

Steve. Alexandra. Ned.                

Hi Stephen. The young Irish lad to win X Factor. Paul, Naas

Morning stephen, great to have you back. Ihope that either laura,diana or daniel win the x factor this year. 

Jls to win. From Greg   

Morning stephen i'd say austin will win the x factor. From jacinta.                         

Hia,im going for j l s in the x factor,there brillant,char                 

Ruth will win iggy castledermot              

Alexandra to win x factor

Jls to win. Loving the show Mr. Keogh.

Austin all the way. Sue 

Jls sinead johnson         

Hi Steven. Like the new show - Rachel will win

Funny Olympic Sports

As this is the last year that baseball and softball will be part of the Olympics, I decided to run a poll on K Drive of stupid sports they should consider for the next games in London…



The Sack Race or the wheelbarrow race. Tom, Naas.

Pool and snooker from Conor

Synchronized Leg Shaving

Air guitar from Mary

Hi Stephen how about bog snorkeling

Horse shoe throwing and tossing the sheaf. Paul in Carlow

A bit of GAA Stephen, we would surely win a medal

Stephen. Rhinoceros riding from Shane

Naked darts for beer drinkers

Slow bicycle race.Hazel.Kilmegue

Tug of war was in the Olympics once Stephen. From Tom in Newbridge

Hi Stephen Alan here my son Keith just said he’d love to see women doing the naked darts

Wheel barrow filling and we could use the sand for the flooding ha ha

Hey Stephen. Turf cutting could be included from Simon. Great show

Hand Ball Stephen

American Football

Backwards 100 meter dash from Joe and Ger

Hi Stephen. Changing a flat tire from Paul. Love the show

Lets include cricket, Stephen. Ireland are really good

Fantasy football

Wife carrying, like the world championship in Finland

Medal for watching TV. From Steven

Hi Stephen. Hurling… Kilkenny would surly win gold for us. Trish

Worm Charming from Jim in Clane

Extreme ironing is a sport. I could enter the wife. Billy

Pub crawling

A penalty shoot-out competition

Hey stevo, how about Ballet

Dumping rubbish event Stephen

Pints of beer drinking see who would drink the most pints we would win that one from Eileen in Clane

Toss the wellie

A learner driver event… Must be accompanied by qualified driver, of course! Helen. Love the show Stephen

Driving through floods Stephen. Frmm Mark in Athy

Running from pub to pub

Guinness drinking Stephen. The Irish would surely win that. Tom in Newbridge

Pancake tossing would be a good sport

How about umbrella running in the rain

Traffic jams

Steve, sheaf throwing, 3 legged race, sack race. Ned.

Egg and spoon race

Roadwork driving in the rain

Stephen the sack race. All the man utd fans could enter. Karl in newbridge.(pool fan.)

Hi Stevo, how about filling in potholes. Just for the council workers. Sam. Celbridge

How about queue jumping in the shops the Irish are great at that Christy Kildare

Drawing the dole, Angela Sweeney

Enter our politicians as a team for talking through their hats


Thanks for all the suggestions – Here’s the Top 10.


10 Pub crawling

9 Horse shoe throwing

8 The wheelbarrow race

7 Slow bicycle race

6 Toss the wellie

5 Naked darts

4 Pancake tossing

3 Umbrella running in the rain

2 Wife carrying

1 Guinness drinking

Airline fees

Airlines are charging extra fees for just about anything these days, so I decided it was time for another Top Ten.


I asked you guys to come up with other novel fees the airlines could charge us?


Thanks for the texts…




What about charging for the heating on the plane- only a tenner.


Hey Stephen, Extra for good looking cabin crew. From Karen, Sallins


Pay to get off the plane from bob


Charging a environment tax for not giving you a ticket that is waste paper after the flight


Fifty cents per sheet toilet paper payable before you board Ger Meade


Hi Steve, How about ugly passport photo €10. Helen

Pay a €10 fee -- the check-in desk clerk will say “Have a nice flight” when she hands you your boarding pass.




Hi Stephen, how about a Show Up Fee… A €20 fee if you show up for your flight. Sally. Newbridge


Pay 25euro for your oxygen.... And 50euro for your life jacket.... Joe in Kildare.....


20 Euro to spend a penny… (Toilet paper extra)


Pay for having bushy eyebrows! Joanne


Wat about a charge to use the steps up to the plane. Dave Herd Curragh


A tarrif for using the loo, toilet paper, soap & towel. The flush would be free.


Ur flight being delayed there will be a small charge for waiting paddy in athy


Charge 10euro 4 life jackets under your seat on the plane. Lily. Athy


A come on Stephen. Hope Ryan-air are not listening cause ur all giving them ideas. We pay enough . Mary


How about €50 to become an exclusive member of the mile high club?? The welsh wiz!


Charge extra for seating at the back of the plane as it is impossible for our airplane to back into a mountain and are what we call the safe seats.


Hi Stevo, great show. €25 for toilet paper in the airplane toilet from Greg


Charge for pets in hand luggage. Tammy in Newbridge


Fit a 3rd seat in the cockpit and charge €100 for 10 minutes for the thrill when plane is airbourne...JAY


A €5 charge for using the steps up to the plane and again on exiting the plane. Pat Athy


OK Stephen. Airsick bags -- five euro.  Ten euro if you want one that hasn’t been used. Brian Kildare Town


Airlines should charge extra for fat people, at least then the rest of us might'nt have to pay so much more for our luggage!


Luv the show Stephen, how about €50 if you want to sleep on the plane. Marie

Hi Stephen, if airlines charged a fee per pound for anyone weighing over 9.5 stone, they would certainly make a few quid on me. Jo


Coming soon they will charge travellers according to what they weigh


$5 for a pillow-and-blanket kit


How about an extra charge for ugly passengers


Charge extra if you want to enter the mile high club. Additional fee again if it’s with one of the stewardesses.


Pay a €20 fee -- the flight attendant will help you raise your tray table into the fully upright and locked position.


Extra for the exit-row seats. Babs

Hi steven how about 5 euro to speak to the staff fm jimmy c

At the end of the flight -- pay €30 -- they let you stand up before the aircraft has come to a complete stop at the terminal.


50 euro for a non smoking seat


Extra charge if you book via telephone instead of on their websites


€100 for an overweight bag, Liz in Offaly


Good man Stephen, charge extra if you don’t turn off your mobile phone. Sean, Athy


Steve, a 5oo euro charge to bring the mother-in-law… Ned


Hi Stephen, love the show. If your flight arrives early, they could charge extra, Paul


Pay extra if you don’t want chewing gum in your ashtray


40% surcharge for use of a real pilot. Automatic pilots will be used by remote control otherwise. Watch how many baggage handlers have brief cases.


€10 for a seatbelt… €15 if you want one with a buckle. John, Athy


 Top 10


10 Fifty cents per sheet toilet paper payable before you board


9 Charge 10 Euro for life jackets under your seat on the plane.


8 Pay €30 extra to let you stand up before the aircraft has come to a complete stop at the terminal.


7 Pay 25 euros for your oxygen....


6 A €5 charge for using the steps up to the plane


5 Pay a €20 fee -- the flight attendant will help you raise your tray table into the fully upright and locked position.


4 If your flight is delayed there will be a small charge for waiting


3 Charge extra if you want to enter the mile high club. Additional fee again if it’s with one of the stewardesses.


2 Airsick bags -- five euro…  Ten euro if you want one that hasn’t been used.


1 Pay €100 to get off the plane

John Terry in SIX WORDS!

Well done to Manchester United on winning the Champions League…


I ran a poll on K Drive… What would you say to Chelsea’s John Terry to console him in SIX WORDS!


Thanks for the texts..!



ha ha ha ha stop cryin. From bob

I told you we would win


Build a bridge, get over it . . Noel carroll kildare town

Why are you such an ass! Katie in kildare

Cheer up Terry, always next year!

It serves you right, you twat!

It’s because you spat on Tevez!

Shit happens and then ya die... Six words for john terry from mike en route to Dublin to see the boss-)

Dont worry - its only a game! Paul, Naas

No penalties without Terry’s saving header!

Should have gone to spec savers....JAY

For JOHN TERRY. Show us your losers medal John. From JASON HA HA HA

You aint got no silverware again!

Penalty rule number one dont slip patrick o Sullivan

6 words for John Terry HA HA HA HA HA HA !

Hard luck but you are useless

John Terry movie - my left foot from the brogan family

You were never expected to win, Helen

Never be in Moscow without Terry!

You’ve just cost me my job. Jimmy in Clane

It could happen to David Beckham. Tricia

You’ll be missed next season john. Bernard

Dirty spitters get what they deserve.

The best team lost lucky united. Peter in Sallins

Who pulled the grass from under my ass from TRISH

6 words for John Terry, I'm trying to be like Beckham! Joe in Newbridge

I'll give you my old boots… Tom

Don’t forget your non slip boots

Six words for terry GO LOOK FOR A NEW TEAM

My words to john terry would be: It was never a penalty anyway


Dont worry you just slipped up

To john terry...uri geller is at it again

John try non slip football boots joe in Naas

Don’t cry over a missed penalty Josie in Naas

Don’t forget your non slip boots

Message from roman nice knowing you

Drogba falls all the time sweetie

For sale one bad penalty taker...

For john terry To the air of a famous police song. He messed it and he bottled...jay

send terry to kerry for practice..

Run slip thump bigger thump yes..

Start singing slip sliding away John

Dont worry Ronaldo missed as well ger meade calverstown

It could happen to a bishop. From liam the curragh

Oh how the mighty fall down. Kevin, Kilcullen



Here’s the Top 10


10 For sale one bad penalty taker...


9 It could happen to David Beckham.


8 You’ve just cost me my job.


7 Send Terry to Kerry for practice..


6 John try non slip football boots


5 You’ll be missed next season john


4 Show us your losers medal John


3 “When taking the penalty - Dont slip”


2 Use Johnsons Shampoo No more tears


1 You should have gone to specsavers...


A song for Brian..!

Brian Cowen was today elected Taoiseach




As he traveled to Áras an Uachtaráin to collect his official seal of office from President Mary McAleese, I did a Top 10 list for the man who has become Ireland’s 12th leader.


Thanks for the help – Here’s a selection of your texts…


It has to be lippo fatty by bad manners. (dont call me fat man) is the song for Brian.. Pat Athy


Hi Stephen, how about Diana Ross – It’s my Turn. He’s been waiting in the wings long enough! Love the show, Sinead


Leader of the pack by the shangralaz joanna howley walkinstown


"Oh what a circus" would be a good song for brian cowen or any other politician from Gerald Halford kilcullen


Welcome to my world. Or the offaly rover. Emer byrne kilcullen.


Heres a gud one Steve, Queen Don’t stop me now


Leader of the gang gary glitter julie kildare town


Lucky lips Bob


A song for Brian, Kenny Rodgers Cowen of the county fm jimmy c


It s my party I cry if I want to, Ann in Kildare


Brian’s song for Bertie. Bon Jovi, Never say good bye. Bernard


Hello Steven. What a lovely day. Here’s a song for Brian Cowan, Jim Reeves, Welcome to my world. From Jim in Clane


Stephen. Wham – I’m your man, Colin


The breakfast roll song would be the perfect song for brian he wont have time for the fancy breakfast


Monty python's...life of Brian!!Eileen p Melia, Monasterevan.


Hey Stevo, Welcome to the pleasure dome by Frankie. Great show dude. John Newbridge


Carpenters, Top of the world for Brian, great show Steve


How about buffalo soldier, you know the acronym about a big ugly, you know what from around laois or offaly? From Pauline


D,ream ! Things can only get better ! Shane in new bridge


Steve, Hero, for Brian Cowen. Ned.


Song, send in the clown, Alan in Newbridge


Trouble wit a captial T, there,s a song for ya, DOM IM RATHANGAN..


Things can only get better .Ann. Curragh


Gangster’s paradise


Simpely da best Rosaleen


Here I go once again with my suitcase in my hand. Teresa


Abba- money money money. from hannah and chloe


Gerald Meade, you picked a fine time to leave me Bertie by Kenny Rogers


Shut Up Yer Face, Eileen in Newbribge


Umpa umpa do bi de do from Gerald in Kilcullen


Shangri-Las, Leader of the Pack for Cowen. God help us all Stephen. Helen in Naas


The clown prince, ha ha. Sean Newbridge


Biffalo soilder, from Bob Marley and the Fianna Failers


Hello Stevo. The heat is on for new Taoiseach


The Cowen I loved so well. tony in naas.


Hi Steven. Barry here. What about Harlem Reshuffle, by the stones


Put your sweet lips to the phone Biddy Naas


Top 10


10 The Offaly Rover


9 You picked a fine time to leave me Bertie, by Kenny Rogers


8 Jim Reeves, Welcome to my world.


7 Monty python's...Life of Brian


6 Welcome to the pleasure dome by Frankie


5 Lip Up Fatty by bad manners. (Don’t call me fat man)


4 Shangri-Las, Leader of the Pack


3 Kenny Rodgers - Cowen of the county


2 Phil Coulter - The Cowen I loved so well.


1 Biffalo soilder, from Bob Marley and the Fianna Failers

A song for Bertie..!

On the day Bertie Ahern called it a day - I ran a poll on K Drive to find a fitting song for the Taoiseach..!


Thanks for the texts...




Eh steve how about you'll never walk alone For bertie ? From joe


I think d song that would be most fitting for bertie would be "my way" sung by frank sinatra. Maria whelan, newbridge.


Wat bout u never walk alone stephen 4 bertie,WALK ON WITH HOPE IN URE HEART!Dee


The cowboy rides away james in athy


Abba,s money money money.for poor auld bertie.john


Here I go again with with me suitcase teresa in Kilcullen


Hi Stephen Buy Bye Baby. Love the show. Jenny


Crying by roy orbson


Time to say good bye andre bacelli and sarah brightman marie kildare


Why don you get a job by offspring for bertie from the boys in the warehouse in naas


From oliver Fagin's song "im reviewing the situation" OR money money money


I think a fitting song for bertie is and now the end is near from chris in Rathangan


Money money money by abba i think bertie isn't corrupt just at the time was nieve and innocent. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones fm jimmy c carlow


I think bertie was a great leader and got this country to where it is 2day...bertie did it all his way...why not play frank sinatra's my way as a tribute to a great leader..sean in athy


Farewell to u my trusted friend teresa   (Seasons in the sun)


A song 4 bertie- sorry seems to b d hardest word. great show stephen


How about the kate bush song called 'bertie' stephen?


Money changes everything by cyndi lauper


Take the money and run, Ned, Clane


Tax man by the beatles


I’m Ha-Ha Happy Again – Paul Athy


Pennies from heaven




Simply the best Rosaleen


Song 4 Bertie - "Oh Lord, please don't let me b misunderstood . .!"


 So long farewell Bridget from kildare


Hi Stephen. On the road again


Berties song should be…It’s all coming back to me now, or freedom, pat athy


There’ll be days like this


Song for bertie. . Take this job and shove it, johnny paycheck. . Tina o c


Please play dry ur eyes mate for bertie. Up the gunners !


Can u play big tom for bertie song. I’V GOT TROUBLES OF MY OWN


Money’s to tight to mention


Brass in Pocket, Christy Tracy Happy Birthday to Robbie Duffy – Going to Charlie Pride


You’ll never walk alone song for bertie he will be missed


Bertie song- Chris De Burghs Missing You


Michael Jackson, Beat It for Bertie


Always look on the bright side of life james o dwyer


Somewhere over the rainbow :-(bgt in dunlavin


Every loser wins by nick berry


Moving out,billy joel.bertie .alan in newbridge,


Bertie....Sorry seems to be the hardest word!!....Eileen p Melia, Monasterevan.


Goodbye Venice Mary Hamill


Song for bertie. . Take this job and shove it. . Tina o c. . He he.


A song for. Bertie, . . Dont fence me in . Jim. Lackey. C/o nass hospital.


Its all about you by mc fly


Something inside so strong


Its all over now MARY


Wat about 50 cent's laughing straight to the bank for bertie steven?!




REM's 'Losing my religion' john Doran. The Curragh.


Hi Stephen. What about The Gambler. You got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. OLLIE Lambe.


Up the Junction by Squeeze, Ger, Newbgidge


In light of Bertie's departure i think "Hard to say i'm sorry" by Chicago would help. John mc


Song for bertie Money for nothing.. Dire straits.. Richard mulhall listening on line in sweden..


For birtie I should have known better, Stephanie in Newbridge



TOP 10


1. Frank Sinatra – My Way


2. Simply Red - Money’s to tight to mention


3. Johnny Paycheck - Take this job and shove it


4. Dire Straits – Money for Nothing


5. Juliet Turner – Take the Money and Run


6. Celine Dion - It’s all coming back to me now


7. Elton John - Sorry seems to be the hardest word


8. The Streets - Dry Your Eyes


9. From Sound of Music - So long farewell


10. Chicago - Hard to say I'm sorry"

Jose Mourinho

Where will the special one go?




Spurs, Jose still loves the premiership. Gerry in Tallagh

Got to be Portugal job - Big Phil is under pressure. Alan, happy Mau U fan

Hi steve, he might just disappear, he don’t need the money or hassle anymore


He said he is too young for international football... maybe in about 10 years. Would love to see him manage Ireland.


He might do a keegan and disappear work


Real Madrid or Barcelona, He will be missed. Tony in Clane


Hi Stephen, I think he’ll team up with Becks in LA. Great show, Liam


I have it from a very good source who is never been wrong, that he has already held talks with Kildare County


Hi Stephen, Helen here in Naas, get Stan out, bring in the special one.


How about the Portuguese rugby team, they are brutal, Mark O Connor


Chelsea Launch New Aftershave:- 'The Special One' by U Go Boss.


Stephen. Spurs ain't big enough, he'll go to a Champions League club. John


A couple of requests 4 jose.. The tremeloes "Silence is golden" johnny cash "I walk the line" or lenord cohans "that aint no way 2 say goodbye.. Pat athy


He shud manage ireland phil and gav kildare yipee


Jose is a family man, he'll want to stay in London, Oh Spurs are in London and could do with a new boss, Jimmy in Naas


He should go to podge and rodge,alan in westmeath.


I think he should go on the Simpsons and replace homer and show him who the boss is, up the POOL DOM IN GREENACRD IN RATHANGAN...


Hi Steven. I think he will leave decision to his dog. From Orla. Love the show


Mourinho is being touted as the next Portuguese coach already PJ newbridge


Word has it that mourinho is going to juventus and ranieri is returning to chelsea. Paul Byrne


Thanks Roman for making my day. Cheslki's days are over. The club will be heading one way..mid table ha ha. James delighted Man United fan


I would like jose to go to Leeds. He would bring glory days back, dave sallins


If jose knows anything about GAA, maybe he could manage kildare.john


Hi steven would you please play jose and his amazing technicolour dream coat for jose fm jimmy c in dublin a happy gunners fan


Give Jose the job managing the Lillywhites. Brendan.


Where ever he goes Eddie O’Sullivan should join him

If Elvis was alive...

Today (Thurs 16th August) is the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.


If the King was alive he would be 72 – I asked the listeners to suggest what they thought he’d be doing now if still in the land of  the living…



How about a judge on Irelands Got Talent. Simon


Scratching at the lid of his coffin trying to get out from john Connolly Newbridge


Hi Stephen. I think he would be a truck driver from the Rubber duck, Portlaoise


He would be still singing and playing guitar teresa


How about an Elvis impersonator. I feel he’d be very good. Greg Naas


He would have long grey sideburns. Sinead O’Neill


Hi Stephen. Elvis would buy kfm and make u play his records all day. Ethna, Kilcullen, luv the show


Hey steve mick keogh here , i did'nt know elvis was dead ? We went to see him last year in spain when we were on holidays and he was great . When did he die ?


Hey Stevo, he'd be quite old by now. He'd probably just be sitting around in his PJ’s, smelling of wee. Trevor




Died on saturday steven ! Mary Newbridge


Stephen Elvis was born on a Wednesday, died on a Saturday


If elvis was alive he would buy burger king from mick walsh in kildare.


I think he would b a judge on x factor for sure with Cowell .Larry m


Mary. Elvis would be lending his voice to dance tracks like the one from last year. Play Wonder of You, please Steve.


What Elvis is dead???


He would be singing gospel music or maybe country. Regards, Liam in Newbridge


Elvis is only popular because he died young, he would just be an old man now


Hi Stephen. He would be Pope. Thanks Jim, Sallins


Elvis would not dance very well due to fear of breaking a hip. Sally


He would be All Shook Up. Jen


From the Montreaux comedy festival "Elvis, too young to die. Too fat to live. Keith. D.8.


Elvis would be sitting by his swimmingpool with his 5th or 6th wife enjoying a taqila. Ned.


Hey Steve. I think Elvis would be doing Las Vegas-style shows. Like just before his tragic death. Mark in Kildare


Hello steven just to let all ur listners know that elvis has been sighted ... Elvis is just after going into batchelors at ratstewart athy .. Hes gone in to visit all the girls that are working very hard at batchelors today .. Oh wait steven elvis is on his way back out of batchelors ... And dog gone it Steven Elvis is all shook up .. john


Elvis was very religious if if were alive today that space ship the scientologists are building would be finished and he'd be in space with tom cruise! Sharon in naas


He'd be bankrupt. Blown it all on burgers!


Elvis is only 1 year older than micko maybe he wud get d Kildare football manager job he certainly wud get d crowds back.


Elvis would be an old man in a nursing home. Love the show stephen. Susie in Clane


Hanging out with Michael Jackson


Stephen I think he would be still singing and spending time with his daughter and grandkids. Linda


He would have married Priscilla again, she’s still hot Stephen. John in Clane


Hello Stevo, Kate here - Elvis would make a fortune showing fans around Graceland. Cant believe its 30 years since the King died.


Matt grogan allenwood elvis is in glennons bar


Stephen, Elvis is not dead, he's living peacefully on the Curragh collecting big fat royalty cheques. Eamon


A selection of YOUR Texts

Where's the SUN?


Hey Stephen, there is a large yellow ball in the sky here in Newbridge, it is causing some heat and is very bright. The kids and the dogs are sacred of it, and I am a bit wary of it myself. Anyone got any idea of what it could be. I'm puzzled. Jo


Stephen, tell that woman she’s seeing things! It’s just an optical illusion. Is she mad, this is July in Ireland. Terry


Where? There's no sun at booleigh or the moat!


The only bright light I can see is the sun and even that is quite rare


Steven tell her not to worry, it will be gone tomorrow. Sean


Its the sun there lookin at in newbridge, its finally come out


Hey, Stephen the sun came out in Rathangan for at least 5 minutes today. What a summer, Jim


SUN made a brief appearance in KILL today. Is very shy keeps hiding.


Champions League


Following Liverpools defeat to AC Milan - Here's a selection of your Texts

Dear Mr. Keogh for the last 2 months, before a ball was kicked in the semi finals, I have had to listen to you going on about Liverpool winning the Champions League now that its over I hope reality bites you really hard on the ass! As my mother used to say Shut mouth catches no flies! You will be spitting flies for months. John in Athy



Stephen. What's red and goes BEEP BEEP BEEP? Liverpools open top bus reversing back in the garage. Eddie:-D in Athy


Liverpool fan? Feelin depressed? Cant sleep or speak 2 your pals about it? Call our helpline 0800 101010. That’s 0800 won nothin won nothin won nothin.


To all Liverpool fans who were there in Athens.. YOU GUYS ROCK. Even in defeat, the whole stadium was echoing YNWA. Beat that MAN UTD and Chelsea!! Billy


Hard luck there Stevo, you do a great show for a Liverfluke fan… What is the only ship never to visit Liverpool????? The PremierSHIP


Steven, Don’t you think it's ironic that it was the only final Liverpool have deserved to win, and they actually lost it. Sean, Naas.



Following Irelands LAST place on Saturday night, the Text line was busy on Monday...




Amanda here I think we should send the likes of westlife or shayne ward or even better u2


Ireland deserved to cum last in Eurovision song contest sat night. they didnt learn from last years bore brian kennedy.


Stephen what a total embarrassment, we should not enter any more, its all about politics not music, unlike your show, which is great. Helen Leixlip


Who picked dervish to represent Ireland? Mick in Athy


Eastern Europe will only vote for its buddies! However our song was utter rubbish. Bring back Johnny Logan. Orla, love the show!


The Eurovision song was the worst every the girl could not sing and she was to nervous, u could here it in her voice lily in athy


End it now and do us all a favour! Paul


Eurovision, does any1 really care. Its a massive waste of licence payers money n a huge earner 4 d phone companys. We should just pull out n 4get about it. Pat


I couldn't help laughing when it happened, it was so predictable, just look at the bottom three. Ireland, UK and France. Jason


Stephen, the votes no longer are given for the performance but by politics, however our entry was very very poor, Mags Clane

If Dervish were Eastern European, they probably would have won it. Sean, Naas


Hi as for eurovision we need a fast song, dancers and a bit of rhythm, saturday nite was a joke


Stephen, It's about time the Ireland pulled out of Eurovision, Jane


Steve, simon cowan will have to be drafted in after saturday night, ask eddie hobbit , he would agree.? Ned.


I couldn't help laughing when it happened!!! Peter


I'm sorry 2 say this but the irish entry in eurovision was crap and i wasnt surprised we came last. I've sung better in the shower! Sue in newbridge


I think Ireland should pull out due to the mockery of the voting system


I think its time we had 2 Eurovision's - 1 for the former states of Russia and Yugoslavia and 1 for the rest of Europe.


Stephen, we had the worst song – simple at that


When is Sue singing in the shower again and where can tickets be bought? Cathal


Stephen, The Eurovision song contest has turned into a political farce. Donal


Steven, There was nothing wrong with the Dervish song - it was far more entertaining than most of the crap from Eastern Europe, Jimmy


Steven when is the U.S.A entering the eurovision cause unless they changed the maps most of the countries are not in europe from Gerald Halford Kilcullen


I don't know why people whinge about the voting- it's an international televote so you can't argue really. Eddie Hobbit to sing for Ireland next year. Mary in Clane


There wasn't a single song worth listening to. Donna, Newbridge


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